Getting Started For GSoC

Hello Everyone,
I am an undergraduate student in the Computer Science Department, with interests in Mathematics, Statistics and Deep Learning and wish to contribute to JULIA in GSoC this year, but I am not sure of how to get started. I have heard that contributing on Github would be a good starting point but the codebase is pretty overwhelming. Can someone point to some good first bugs to start off with and get comfortable with the code.
Thanks in anticipation.


There is a good first issues tag with issues that are likely to be good for first PRs. That said, your focus would probably not be to contribute to base, but rather to write or contribute to a package.


Thank You, I shall check out good first issues.

Hey @tantheta01! Super excited to hear about your enthusiasm to work on Julia-related projects for SoC! Iā€™d suggest seeing this link for more information to help you find what would be best to work on for your personal interests: Julia Seasons of Contributions

P.S. If anyone else is curious to start with SoC - the provided link should be a good starting point as well. :hugs:


Thank you @TheCedarPrince. It provided me with a lot of information and direction to start off!

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