Waking up "YouTube Timestamps" after some sleep time

Currently there is 75 open issues about posting new timestamps to Julia YT videos and I want to help to put people work in the to the good use. I review, as a normal user, basically all of them, tweaking timestamps and posting new version in the issue wherever I was thinking it was needed. I also offer to spend few hours every week working on it, to take work off the shoulders of people managing Julia YT channel as much as I can.

What I can’t do is posting and correcting YT properties of each video, since I’m only normal Julia user and I don’t and shouldn’t have access right to it. At current moment the best I can do is to trying to keep discussion about this topic alive, so I opened this new thread.


Hi KZiemian,

Thank you very much for putting in the work creating and editing these timestamps. I have hopefully addressed all the open issues (except perhaps #106).

We are working on getting access to the repository for you and I, and we will add you to the YouTube shortly. Could you please put your YouTube ID here or in a private message?

JuliaCon Organizing Committee


Thank you for your support, things are going in the good direction.

I want to mention that in some case even when timestamps are presented, they are not shown in the progress bar due to this problem. If you notice it in any Julia videos give us notice. For example, at this moment you may add comment about such video to GitHub issue Mistakes and typos in Julia YT video’s timestamps.

It looks like that most of the videos from curse Computational thinking | MIT 18.S191 Fall 2020 have problems with timestamps. I will try to correct it, you don’t need to post about problems with descriptions of these videos.

I want to thank all members of community that help us bring this topic back to life. Today Computational thinking | MIT 18.S191 Fall 2020 was reworked. If you see some problem with this playlist, please send a message to me. It was a testing ground for me and many things can still be improved.

Now we try to add timestamps from open issues on GitHub. It make some time before we get access right to this repository and close them officially.

Good news is that timestamps repository is now back to live. Wish us good luck to keep it alive.

At this moment content of ALL issues should be incorporated into YT videos. After additional checking we will be closing them.

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It take me few weeks, but all issue in timestamps repository are now done and closed. I hope that now more people will feel that making them is worth of their time.

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