Fall in love with Julia: 101 on JuMP and DisjunctiveProgramming.jl

Join us on :spiral_calendar: Monday 4. March 2024 :clock630: 18:30 CET
online, organized via meetup

Fall in love with Julia: JuMP and DisjunctiveProgramming


If you ever wanted to plan your school’s schedule back then when you’ve been a teenager, you should not miss this session.

I will give an introductory overview about JuMP, which is all about such kind of optimizations. Then I will go on to Mixed Integer Linear Programming in more detail, especially looking at DisjunctiveProgramming.jl which simplifies standard modelling approaches often encountered in MILP.

As usual in this series, you will get a beginner-friendly hands-on experience using jupyter-notebook, with which you can try out the tools yourself and also experiment further afterwards. The material will be made available at this github repository GitHub - jolin-io/fall-in-love-with-julia-14: Scheduling Optimization with JuMP

You do not need to prepare anything

Looking forward to see you all!
It is going to be online, so everyone from everywhere is welcome.


Stephan Sahm
Founder of Jolin.io

P.S.: The link to the online tool will be made available 10 min before the actual start. Please join 5 min ahead, the session is going to start on-time, 18:30 CET.


Here the link to our online event

we will start in a few minutes

The recording got uploaded to youtube



Thanks @schlichtanders. I found that quite useful. One takeaway is that I should make the ‘tips and tricks’ pages a bit easier to find?

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Hi @odow, now that you are asking, yes this could simplify the entry for people like me who are familiar with coding, but not with modelling mathematical optimization constraint problems.

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