Lectures on Julia/JuMP for the next POEMA training day

Dear members of the Julia community,

I hope that everything goes well for you and your relatives.

I allow myself to contact you on behalf of the POEMA EU consortium. POEMA stands for Polynomial Optimization, Efficiency through Moments and Algebra.

As a part of the training of all PhD candidates enrolled in the consortium, we have organized one learning week and three workshops.

During the next learning week, scheduled at the end of June, Benoit Legat will give a tutorial on his Julia package about sums of squares.

Our plan is to organize a one-day training before, in April, tentatively the week 12-16.

During this day, several lecturers will give tutorials on general software skills (including unix/linux shell basic commands + git) and two tutorials (1h-1h30) on Julia:

(1) the first one will be a general introduction to the Julia language;

(2) the second one will be more focused on JuMP.

I recently saw the related fantastic presentations:

Would any of you be interested to give a 1h-1h30 lecture on topics (1)-(2) as well general soft skills tutorials (shell/git)?

That would be helpful for some of our PhD candidates to be ready to discover Julia and use it for their research.

Looking forward to your kind answer, I wish you a wonderful day.


Victor Magron

Hi Victor, long time no see :wink: