Tutor for Julia

I am learning Julia for my masters project work. There is a model written in Julia which I am referring. Though, I have cleared my basics in Julia, there is alot in JuMP , which I am unable to decode.
I was thinking, if there is a way to find someone who could help me out in understanding those chunks of code or mentor me for understanding Julia.

Is it too large or private to be posted here? Unfortunately, for the next month and half I will be too busy to take such compromise. It seems it would be easier if the code was here for anyone that could spare a few minutes help with your doubts.

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Check out the “Getting Started” tutorials provided by JuMP at Introduction · JuMP. They walk through Julia basics and JuMP basics.


The model I am referring is Capacity Expansion Model developed by MIT research group. I am unable to decode JuMP codes (I have little basic understanding of julia & JuMP.

Basically the start point is here, right? What do you not understand about it, more specifically? Do you understand about Mixed-Integer Linear Programming?