Extremely long times fetching Julia General registry on macOS

Has anyone had this problem?

This is on my personal laptop, which is on a somewhat old version of macOS (version 10.13.6).

There have been various reports with similar problems. One possible solution: try to switch over to the new Pkg server infrastructure as recommended here:

There also have been various reports that virus checkers slow down registry updates. Excluding .julia/registries from the monitored directories appears to help sometimes. (I did not in my case [MacOS], but things got a lot faster in v1.6 for me).


This did the trick. For future reference, all I did was delete the .julia directory and then add a new package, which had the effect of deleting the old git-cloned General registry and installing a new version of the registry from the Pkg server.

I suppose I probably could have been less disruptive and only removed the registry instead of the whole .julia directory, with something like pkg> registry rm General.


I was having this issue on my old Linux laptop. pkg> registry rm General followed by pkg> registry add General did the trick, fetching is fast again!