Pkg.update() taking ~10min, how do I debug?

On this one particular system, Pkg.update()s are unbearably slow, it spends 5-10 minutes displaying Updating registry at ~/.julia/registries/General. This system has a notorioulsy slow network filesystem, granted not this slow. Or maybe its something related to the network connection? (although d/l speeds are not this slow either, and this is nominally a well connected campus cluster in the US). Any suggestions for how to figure out whats going on? I’ve tried with Julia 1.5.3 / 1.6-beta1.

What happens if you disable (or switch) the Pkg server via ENV["JULIA_PKG_SERVER"]=""? I’ve found that it loves to connect to the notoriously flaky us-east(2) regardless of which side of NA my machine is on…

On my machine (MacOS), I observe high cpu usage by antivirus (sophos) during Pkg.update.
I excluded .julia from virus scanning, but it made no difference.
Other threads mentioned that the registry gets unpacked to a local dir before updates are applied. I would exlude that local dir, but don’t know how to locate it.

Thanks, I tried that and it seemed to work better, although I’m unsure if there’s something being cached anyway, since after an initial ~10min update(), if I try again right away even without ENV["JULIA_PKG_SERVER"]="" its fairly fast. Will keep an eye on it.

That’s interesting and could maybe be at play. Does anyone know how to control this directory? Maybe I can put it on a local filesystem instead of the network one.