Equivalent of https://bookdown.org/ in Julia?

The bookdown R package provides a convenient workflow for writing technical documents/books. It also supports Julia in the markup files.

Is there an equivalent workflow in Julia?


This environment looks really powerful. Thanks for bringing it up, I was not aware of it (being blissfully ignorant of things “R”). I learned something here.

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Could Literate be the answer to this? (@fredrikekre)

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Looks like Documenter?

Bookdown is great, since it has great citations, cross referencing, and sensible defaults.

You can run a julia environment in bookdown. Other than the annoyig knitr syntax for figure titling and placement, I don’t think you will need to use that much R.


Can confirm: 2.7 Other language engines | R Markdown: The Definitive Guide


Weave can be used for something like this. It supports Pandoc, so you have lots of options for output format.