Preparing tutorials and books


I am not sure whther this is the right category for posting my query. I cannot find the appropriate category.

What software or platform do you use for writing Julia languge tutorials and books?
Is it the good old tex or are there any libraries availble for the purpose. I have tried using Weave. Its good for writing tutorials. What options are available for writing longer book length documents containing sections and chapters. R has the excellent bookdwn package. My document will contain many mathematical equations.

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You could look at Publish.jl.


Pluto.jl maybe?

(I just found out that it is possible to create a table of contents in the notebook, and the looks are very nice, even if simply at the end one exports the notebook to html).


Oops, I forgot DocumenterEpub, which lets you use Documenter.jl to create Epub books.

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Might be of some help


Latex sounds like the best option.
I am not sure how to include julia code and output in the tex document. Perhaps the listings package. I will give it a try.

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Take a look at GitHub - sisl/tufte_algorithms_book: A template for textbooks in the same style as Algorithms for Optimization


The video I posted is a talk by someone who wrote and published a textbook in LateX with Julia. They did this with the julia code being run as the book is compiled.

Also this topic has been discussed here: What do you use to embed Julia code in LaTeX?

This is also excellent if you with to produce talk slides with julia code embeded: GitHub - mossr/julia-tufte-beamer: Tufte-style beamer template with Julia integration

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I came looking for a topic like this ā€” Iā€™m writing a note-set using Documenter.jl.

Maybe this is a bit niche, but for anyone else wanting to publish open source notes and textbooks online, would you have any interest in a separate Julia registry (not General) for hosting and tracking educational content?