Is there anything similar to Rstudio?


Is there anything like R studio with R Markdown for julia?
I would like to write a homework in julia. It should involve formatted text, math equation (Latex) and images (graphs / plots).

On top of that the Julia code ( that I use to plot the graphs ) should not be visible and it must be possible to export the document into PDF. In other words it should look like a scientific paper, not a programmer workstation…

I have tried Jupyter but it feels like source code presentation tool at best.


Weave.jl? Not sure if it can do all of what you want (i.e. make it look like a TeX’d result).

You can output Jupyter to TeX. Did that not look right?


You can also use templates for nbconvert to output Jupyter notebooks without showing the Julia code, I believe. (I’m not saying that it’s “easy” to do so at the moment, though.)


Oh, I forgot that I made this repo for doing this kind of stuff in Jupyter easier:

It’s used to build this website from Jupyter notebooks:

but also outputs PDFs. The PDFs look like this:

You can change the file to get rid of everything but the PDF outputs if you like (or just use the TeX output to then manually finish it in TeX). Note that I never did get it outputting graphs figures though. The figures would show up everywhere except the PDFs.


All of the features you asked for are supported by Weave.jl. I just tagged a 0.3.0 release with improved templates.

Have a look at the getting started page and chunk options in the docs.

Let me know if you have any questions and open issues in the repo for missing features.


That is actually exactly what I was looking for… Impressive work!

Only few nitpicks / questions :

  • I am not sure how much powerful julia macros are, but could it be possible to use the syntax available in .jmd also in vanilla .jl file just by calling a @weave at the very first line of .jl file?

  • Since #' contains just a plain text on multiple lines, could it be possible to use syntax similar to documentation @...""" """?


Using a string macro like w""" """ would be possible and I may implement it at some point. I don’t think I’d use that format myself. I plan to add a weave_include function analog to include_string for Weave docs, which would make it easier to just run code instead of weaving to a document.