Quarto from RStudio

Check this out from the RStudio people. A language agnostic Markdown based published system using Pandoc: https://quarto.org/

I haven’t tried it yet so I’m not sure how different it is from Weave.jl


It seems great (from the recent JuliaCon video on it). It used Jupyther, or can e.g. make such notebook for you (not yet Pluto, but not ruled out for later). Can anyone clarify what it actually adds over Jupyther? Like Pluto its plain text (Pluto is Julia source code) or Markdown, while generating binary files, e.g. notebooks.

And the references seem like a nice addon, “10,000” styles supported, well combinations of styles…

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It is pretty good for me so far. I am using it with and without Julia as a more featured front end for Pandoc. It is not without quirks but they are investing a lot of time into it right now to reach maturity.