Dynamic documents

I need to produce printable output where some parts are “interpolated” similar to the strings containing julia variables, but somewhat more generally, to include generated graphs as well as text. Weave.jl seems abandoned and buggy, unable to process included examples. Are there better alternatives?

I recommend to look at Quarto, which can produce output in numerous formats (e.g. HTML, PDF, Word, …) and allows to generate output (strings, figures) with Julia code.

Have you seen GitHub - fredrikekre/Literate.jl: Simple package for literate programming in Julia ?

I’m currently using Quarto for this, since I’m building my website with Quarto.

But for just producing a nice pdf with plots, tables and text (with Julia variable interpolated), I’ve never had any problems with Weave.jl

Literate.jl “generates markdown pages (for e.g. Documenter.jl), and Jupyter notebooks”, whereas I am looking for ways to produce printable documents.

Thank you, I’ll take a look, although it is a bit discouraging that Quarto is built around Pandoc. In my experience, Pandoc is very buggy; its github repo has almost 800 open issues.

I downloaded and installed it, but the included examples all failed to compile. One of them used Julia 0.7 syntax. Trying to compile another produced errors about inablility to save png due to missing packages (why Weave didn’t list them as dependencies then?)