Does Books.jl work on Julia version 1.7?

does Books.jl work with Julia v.1.7 because I I’m getting an error with the font using Juliav1.7?

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Hey, I cannot comment on if it works with 1.7, but suggest you also post over in: JuliaLang
As @rikh and the books community are rather active over there.

That is a JuliaMono error on PDF building, isn’t it?

If that’s the case, it is because LaTeX (the PDF renderer) cannot grab fonts from a static path and I had to instead let users install it manually. It should be clearer documented indeed. Anyway, can you try installing JuliaMono? PDF building should then work


That works! thanks, soo much!

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By the way, I haven’t answered the original question. Yes it does since the 17th of August (Support Julia 1.7 by rikhuijzer · Pull Request #185 · JuliaBooks/Books.jl · GitHub).