Documentation rendered fine in GitHub but not on juliahub

Hello, the documentation of one of my packages (BetaML) is rendered fine in GitHub pages, but has several errors in JuliaHub:

What could be the cause ?

(I would also have another question, why to replicate documentation pages, but then I would break the rule “1 question 1 thread”)

In general, you can find the logs from documentation generation on the JuliaHub info page for the package behind that circled ⓘ. I’m not 100% sure what went wrong in this case, but I think it might be a version mismatch between Julia and/or the packages that are installed as you build the docs — I think your GitHub docs builder uses Julia v1.6 whereas JuliaHub is using v1.9.

In any case, if you host your own docs, you can opt out of the documentation building by telling DocumentationGenerator where your docs are — and @pfitzseb just did that! That gets a bit at the goal here: it’s really useful to be able to know where all the docs are for multiple reasons (including: ecosystem search, a theoretical @ref macro here, ability to get docs offline, etc.), and while there are a number of significant improvements needed (and planned!) for JuliaHub’s doc generation.


Thank you, I wasn’t aware of the DocumentationGeneratorRegistry.

There are very few packages explicitly defined there… perhaps Julia/JuliaHub could use some “default” rules:
e.g. for a package registered on[user]/[pkgName].jl and not defined in the DocumentationGeneratorRegistry check if the url https://[user][pkgName].jl exists…

By the way, is there any sort order in that registry or one can add the package[s] at the end ?

The order is whatever TOML serializes — easiest/fastest/best way to do it is with the add_to_registry.jl script.