[ANN] JuliaDocx.jl: Documentation generator



Hello everyone!

Today I began working on a package that generates online documentation from Julia source. This “online documentation” is only a simple html file, but I hope to improve the style(adding templates) to future.

I recorded a short video:

Any feedback will be appreciated!


I’m sorry, but what does this do that Documenter.jl doesn’t do? Documenter.jl does automated documentation generating from docstrings already (and builds HTML files), so I’m very confused about the value added here, so hopefully you can clear that up. Also, it seems a little odd that this is using comments at the top of the function instead of the function docstrings, which is a feature built into Julia.


Thank for reply.

I didn’t know about Documenter.jl, but it is only a weekend prototype(this package is not published), so as your reply I understand is preferably not to reinvent the wheel.

On the other hand, this helped me to learn about Julia a little more. :grinning:


Perhaps consider contributing to Documenter.jl. Making PRs to established packages entails code reviews from experienced Julia programmers, which is a great way to learn.


Definitely do this, Camilo!
Sometimes the process of getting a PR approved can feel a bit torturous, however it is well worth the effort.
You may not always agree with the reviewers’ opinions, but you always learn quite a lot.