Distributions 0.7 RangeGeneratorInt not defined

Hi, I’m updating my work to use Julia 0.7 and I come up with this error. I see there have been a few issues raised on the repo for updating Distributions to work with 0.7. What is the current status of Distributions and does anyone have any workarounds for this error?

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If you are referring to #697, it should be fixed by

which appears to be WIP. The fastest way to get this fixed is probably by contributing.

I noticed the latest series of pull requests - I wondered if anyone had any insight into getting around it as it appears to not work at all. None of my tests run as it won’t precompile.

Generally, there is no implicit expectation of being able to use v0.7 for production yet. There is little point in bumping these things on the forum, if maintainers have the time they will just fix it.

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Fair enough, I guess I wondered if anyone else had looked at it. Thanks for your help.

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