Cannot use Distributions.jl

When I tried to use the Distributions package, I was asked to build Arpack. When I built Arpack, I got the error message:

Error: Error building `Arpack`: 
│ ERROR: LoadError: LibraryProduct(nothing, ["libarpack"], :libarpack, "Prefix(/home/bb/.julia/packages/Arpack/UiiMc/deps/usr)") is not satisfied, cannot generate deps.jl!

I am using Julia 1.0.3 on Fedora 29.


Thanks for pointing me to that. It does not work on my machine. I didn’t see this arpack thing in Julia 0.6, why Distributions need it?

Arpack was bundled with Julia on 0.6.

I could use Distributions on Julia 0.6. Is it issue specific to Linux? Will this be fixed in the future?

The issue is caused by Julia and Arpack expecting different BLAS libraries. The easiest solution for now is to use the official Julia binaries (Download Julia) instead of the Fedora-provided ones.

There is an open pull request to fix the issue:

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The same issue appeared for my friend using the official binaries for v1.1.0 for Mac OS.