Distributions getting started example does not work


After trying the “Getting started example” in https://JuliaStats.github.io/Distributions.jl/stable/ documentation I get an error which I wasn´t expecting.

> using Random, Distributions
> Random.seed!(123) # Setting the seed
> d = Normal()

UndefVarError: Normal not defined

 [1] top-level scope at In[29]:1

This is after I have installed and updated Distributions and Random.
The version of Julia I am using is 1.1.0

Hope someone can help

By the way, I only get the error in the Jupyter environment, not the REPL.

I cannot reproduce this (in Atom or in Jupyter), although it should be said that I am using Julia 1.2.0 (on Windows 10).

did you try

d = Distributions.Normal()


Thanks guys. It’s fixed. It had something to do with the IJulia installation which somehow got compromised while updating other registries.

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