Discourse does not load on Firefox anymore

Windows 10, Firefox 112.0.2. This site does not load. Color balls jiggle and no progress ensues.
Any clues?

Works fine for me (Firefox 112.0.2, macOS 12.6).

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Thanks! Anyone on Windows?

Works fine for me (Win 11) Firefox 112.0.2

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That is weird, I turned off all add ons, and it still wouldn’t load.

Does https://meta.discourse.org work?

I checked another Win 10 computer with the same Firefox, and that works. So it must be that one particular computer that is giving me trouble. Thanks for helping me to debug.

I can remember that once I had similar issues.

In my case I changed the browser string and it worked again.

Sorry: what is the “browser string”?

Some Metadata sent by the browser.
I had a plug-in which randomly changes it.

For Firefox there is a couple of plug-ins, try this one. And then you can change the string such that the web page thinls it’s a different browser and OS.

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