Bookmark button not working on firefox

I just noticed that the bookmark button didn’t work for me on firefox, seems to work fine on chrome. When pressed there is no popup for the “Create Bookmark” settings, and after moving to a new post there is an error popup saying “Sorry, an error has occurred.” It does however seem to have added the bookmark even though I didn’t get the popup for settings. Same thing happens when I want to remove bookmarks, though the bookmark doesn’t disappear so have to switch to chrome to do that…

Tried two other discourse forums where it worked fine, and didn’t find anything that seemed relevant with a quick search.

Works for me in FF 100.0.1 on Arch. Make sure you’re not blocking any needed resources using uBlock or something.

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Hmm, had 99.0.1 in fedora. Tried on windows where I had 100.0.1 and there it worked.

What I found strange is that other discourse forums worked for 99.0.1. Seems like the bookmark button would be quite general among them and not something that is very customized for the julia forum specifically.

Maybe nothing to worry about then since it seems to work on the later versions.