What's with the Japanese discourse page that shows up?


Sometimes I try to login and that’s what I see. Is this from my end or the website’s? After a few refreshes and sometimes a bit of waiting, it goes back to English.


Sounds like a stale cache. Anecdotally, I’ve not had any issue like this. Troubleshooting could be somewhat complicated, but some questions I can think might help:

  • Are you in Japan? or somewhere where a web cache would encounter requests for a Japanese page (e.g. in a shared office with a Japanese speaker)?

  • Is your browser language set to Japanese? what about your OS?

  • Do you use a proxy or relay that might GeoIP resolve to somewhere in Japan?


It is certainly not the first or the third. It could be that the browser is acting funny. I just wanted to check that it wasn’t the website because it keeps happening, and it’s kind of recent. Anyways, I will try it in another browser every now and then and report if I get the same thing. Thanks.


One thing you can try, the next time you see this happen, is to open a terminal and run curl -I http://discouse.julialang.org. This will give you the output of all the headers being returned by Discourse, including things like cache control and language that might give some clue as to what’s going on.


I reached out to discourse support and it seems a problem that is impacting multiple sides https://meta.discourse.org/t/language-changed-to-japanese-for-multiple-users/67467/3 there is no way we can impact this right now, but it should be fixed soon ™