Difficulty switching to 1.7 in VSCode

Hi all, I’m struggling to get VSCode to use Julia 1.7 on Windows 7.
I’ve updated the system path to point to 1.7, but VSCode still uses 1.6 by default.
If I change the julia.executablePath setting in VSCode to point to 1.7 (using double backslashes), VSCode gives the error: “Could not start the Julia language server. Make sure the configuration setting julia.executablePath points to the Julia binary.”
Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.


I think you may encounter the same issue as mine. It could be solved. It is caused due to configuration of VS Code Julia Extension and the Workspace.

There is a workspace configuration file settings.json in directory “current programming directory”\.vscode. This workspace configuration will override your setting in VS Code. So, on top of changing VS Code setting, settings.json should be modified too.
This is what I got to know per help hint by pfitzseb .

Or, you may try to always keep settings as VS Code, without being overrided by workspace. Just open “.vscode\extensions\julialang.language-julia-1.5.6\package.json” (as below screenshot),change ”configuration”–>”julia.executablePath”–>”scope” from ”machine-overridable” into ” machine ”.

VS Code Julia Extension Modification

The workspace configuration will not override the setting in VS Code.

Here is the link of my original post for your reference.

Thanks & B.Rgds.

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Thanks, but this doesn’t appear to fix the problem.
The local settings.json files don’t have anything in them and starting a new session in a new clean folder doesn’t work either.
Change the scope to machine instead of machine overridable had no effect either.

I overlooked “using double backslashes” in your original post.

Could you try just single backslash? As I make it work with single backslash instead of double ones.

Julia Path

Thanks & B.Rgds.

Single backslashes don’t work either. I can start Julia 1.7 by typing “julia” into the windows terminal inside VSCode, so I don’t think the problem is finding the executable. Maybe there’s some other problem preventing Julia starting correctly

Does this discussion help?