VSCode / Julia 1.7.1 / Windows 7 issue


The problem seems to be trivial, but I haven’t found any solutions yet. VSCode Extension reports Could not start the Julia language server. Make sure the configuration setting julia.executablePath points to the Julia binary. The path (C:/Julia/bin/julia.exe) is correct and I can run it in powershell terminal in VSCode. My environment is: Windows 7 SP1 (prereqs met), Julia 1.7.1, VSCode 1.63.2 and VSCode Extension 1.5.8. The problem is not present with Julia 1.6.5 and the LanguageServer starts properly if I set julia.executablePath to my Julia 1.6.5 installation : C:/Julia-1.6.5/bin/julia.exe. I have tried to use Atom but I have encountered the same behavior: Julia 1.6.5 terminal works but 1.7.1 fails with We tried to launch Julia from: C:/Julia/bin/julia.exe This path can be changed in the settings. I am attaching VSCode Developer Console log