Julia 1.1 doesn't start in VSCode (Could not start the julia language server)

Hi All,

My errors:

Could not start the julia language server. Make sure the configuration setting julia.executablePath points to the julia binary.

I’m working on:

Windows 10
Julia 1.1.0 (2019-01-21)
VSCode 1.32.3

I set up the path:
“julia.executablePath”: “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Julia-1.1.0\julia.exe”

I’ve seen a lot of similar issue for Julia 1.0 on the Internet.
Any idea?

Try to not configure that setting at all, the extension should find the julia binary automatically (especially if it is in that location).

If you do want to configure it, you need to escape \ properly, because the config setting is JSON. So you need to use \\ for every backslash in the path.

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Thank, you @davidanthoff.

Of course, I put double slash (it does not help).
"julia.executablePath": "C:\\Users\\<username>\\AppData\\Local\\Julia-1.1.0\\julia.exe"

The extension did not find the julia binary automatically…

Are you sure there is not a bin folder in the end you are missing?

I reinstalled Julia and VSCode and restarted the machine. Now I can run Julia but autocomplete and refactoring doesn’t work.

Yes, that is another problem: our language server is currently not functional on julia 1.1… There is a PR now pending that might fix this, so fingers crossed this situation won’t last too long. Maybe we can at least fix it before julia 1.2 is released :wink:

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Thank you @davidanthoff , I hope you guys will fix it.

I’ve installed your release candidate v0.11.5-rc1.
It doesn’t work for me…

Are you running this inside a workspace (run code some/directory or click File > Open Workspace...)? I’ve noticed that when I only open a single file it doesn’t work.

Thank you @tribut.
If I use “Workspace” it works. But in the case of “open folder,” it doesn’t work.

Yea it is amazing how bad the instructions are.
I also tried just to close VScode and restart the PC , it does find julia but the wrong one, an old version 1.0 , it does run but I want the new 1.4.1 that also is there so I do need to find the execution file and the environment. But no go.

@JOST can you provide some more info? What platform are you on for starters? In theory the extension should just automatically find the latest version of Julia on your system that you got and use that.

I used https://www.julia-vscode.org and downloaded julia and vscode to my W10. As per instruktions.
I have already a juliapro 1.4… that I can run notebook on.

The best thing turned out to be: do nothing aften selecting julia on vscode , just close down vscode and restart the PC. Then it finds what it needs.
Before that I tried to give it a location for the Julia start but cannot find it. I ended up starting from the beginning as described above.
But in this case it found a Julia 1.0 that is not working properly. There was a Julia 1.4.2 available.
I ended up deleating critical parts of the Julia 1.0, and tried again. Now it did find the 1.4.2 version and it seems to work fine. I wonder what to do when there comes a New version!
Otherwise I find it really difficult to run examples from the Github , they are often old and do not work ( give messages that some part is changed, but not how to fix it) . My be it would be possible to update the examples when there are changes ?
Thank you.

Don’t use JuliaPro, just downloa the normal Julia installer from the julialang.org homepage. I don’t believe there are instructions anywhere on the VS Code side of things to use JuliaPro. We automatically detect “normal” Julia installations.

Yes, JuliaPro does not work with vscode, I did not say that, but vscode seems to work with Julia 1.4.2.
However it seems that JuliaPro died and cannot run notebooks or in atom after the operation I did on Julia 1.0
I need to try if Julia 1.0 get restored if I reinstall JuliaPro. It probably does and in that case I must chose between vscode and notebooks (Jupyterlab)

Actually vscode does not select the right Julia version ( the latest) it select Julia 1.0 if it is there. It actually seem to say that somewhere. I just did not understand it at that time.

I’m still not entirely clear what you are doing :slight_smile: BUT, if you just download Julia 1.4.2 from https://julialang.org/downloads/#current_stable_release, install it into the default location that the setup suggests and then don’t configure anything in the Julia VS Code extension and don’t have any julia on your PATH, then the extension will automatically use Julia 1.4.2. If you have a julia on your PATH, then it will use that with the highest priority.

I am trying to have JuliaPro 1.4.2-1 and Python and notebooks
Julia 1.4.2 and vscode

But apparently JuliaPro with Atom put Julia 1.0 in the game . Seems I have to chose.

I think you’ll be far better of installing these individually. Just install anaconda for Python and notebooks.

This worked for me. Thanks.

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