I just found this in Hacker News:

It’s a documentation browser and includes Julia. The interface is quite nice. You can disable all the other languages and just use it to navigate the Julia docs :stuck_out_tongue:

And it works offline as well.


I really like the break out on the LHS that shows the hits for each relevant section:

for example:

  • Arrays 140 items
  • Strings 72 items

Now each of the sub items is in alphabetical order with the detail available by clicking on the sub item.

This added “slice” on the docs will complement nicely the on line docs and the associated PDF file.

Good find Cossio!


By the way, where did you find the PDF of the Julia docs? The version at readthedocs is old.



It is dated July 21, 2017.


Thanks, yes I just found that googling. I wasn’t aware of that PDF version of the docs, seems
very recent. It comes very handy when you are offline, or if you want to read some section in a tablet.