Debugger available for: Julia 1.0.1 Juno-IDE?

Is any debugger available for Julia 1.0.1 working with Juno-IDE and how do I install/work with it?

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Closest thing to what you are looking for GitHub - timholy/Rebugger.jl: An expression-level debugger for Julia with a provocative command-line (REPL) user interface

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Hi, I wanted to add a voice of support to request a debugger for Julia 1.0+ please… Probably pretty difficult to write, but some debugging features are important for us. We were using the Gallium in 0.5-0.6 extensively in the past. I did see there is recent work here: GitHub - JuliaDebug/Debugger.jl: Julia debugger

We have a lot of callbacks between various packages and many get assigned dynamically. We, therefore, have to resort to forcefully throwing errors and backing out the the stack traces. In addition, we have to restrict multithreaded and multiprocessor code into single process/thread operation – the debugging becomes quite laborious.


There is a debugger now. In Juno just type @enter func(). The debugger is ASTIntepreter2.jl

Hydrogen is also a useful plugin for debuggin’ (profoundly sorry). E.g. install it, go to the end of a line in and press Ctrl-Enter. There’s more to learn obviously, but I find it pretty useful. Don’t forget pepper your code with @assert, @error, @info etc.

So it seems there’s now a renewed effort on a debugger and interpreter, with its own organization and new names? Wonderful!

I really like this, not just because there seems to be a fair bit of activity, but because there is now a definitive place to go see what’s cooking, even if just as a spectator.