State of the Debugger



Hi there,

I just wanted to ask about the state of the debugger in Julia. I am coming from Matlab and the debugger there is quite important for me to see where something is going wrong. For example, using NLsolve is a bit of a black box for me. If it does not work, I don’t know where to start to look for the problem. In contrast, in the meantime I copied the code to Matlab and could stop during the the execution of fsolve and check what is going wrong. Now it works in Matlab, but still it does not in Julia, although the code should be 1:1 equivalent.

I just would like to know if there is a plan on the development of the debugger.

Thank you very much!


Yes, there is a debugger:

It has not been updated to 0.6 yet, but I know that is a high priority and should be done relatively soon.

Does JuliaPro supports debugging in 0.6?

It’s worth noting that the latest Juno update has disabled Gallium integration until the Julia 0.6 update is done.


While you’re asking for a debugger, you could also post the NLsolve question here on discourse (there’s not really a dedicated sub, but you could maybe try ). I’ll be happy to assist!


Thank you for all the replies. I will definitely follow it more closely and see how it plays out with 0.6.

Also thanks to pkofod, I might actually post there something next week as I get back to Uni. I am kind of curious to know, why it does not work in Julia at the moment.


Any updates on this? Thanks!


ASTInterpreter2.jl works quite well in my experience, but doesn’t provide any breakpoints and stuff. Juno integration should hopefully be ready soonish (no promises though).