@enter debugging command doesn't seem to do anything

I’m a Julia newbie, am learning the environment. I’ve been trying for a couple of days to get debugging working in JuliaPro. I’ve tried and

I see on JunoLab.org that Debugger integration is supposed to be built in. Indeed, when I hit F10 or F11, I get a popup to use “@enter”, and when I do “?@enter” I see usage.

But when I try to use @enter, nothing happens. The REPL just returns immediately, doing nothing. I first tried debugging “@enter MyFunc(MyArgs)”; when that didn’t work I tried the simple example I saw in some doc somewhere “@enter 1+1”, or “@enter println(“Hello”)”. The results are no different from typing “#”.

What do I need to do to get @enter to work? I’ve also tried things like “using Gallium”, which requires that I add Gallium, but adding Gallium fails with an error.

I feel like I must be missing something obvious.

I am enthusiastic about Julia and am evaluating it for adoption by our department of engineers, but cannot recommend it to them without the ability to debug programs. Any tips?


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Maybe, JuliaPro (Juno) hasn’t supported debugging with julia v1.0 yet…

You can directly use ASTInterpreter2#master and DebuggerFramwork2#master which support Julia v1.0.
You may want to look at the comment by @zxj5470 (how to install) of this thread and the usage.

Another option is Rebugger. If you’re doing command-line debugging, you may find it to be a nicer interface. But there’s no IDE solution yet.

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