Convert LightXML array to XMLElement?


Suppose I have:

using LightXML

e = new_element("a")

e_arr = [e;e]

How would I then go about converting e_arr from Array{LightXML,1} to LightXML?

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I am using a unusual XML package in Julia or is what I am trying to do unusual?

I want to gather a lot of different XML elements, before combining them to one…

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The problem is, what you are trying to do here cannot work. You cannot add the same element twice to an XML document without cloning it.

The following code works:

using LightXML

e1 = new_element("a")
e2 = new_element("a")

e_arr = [e1; e2]

xdoc = XMLDocument()

# create & attach a root node
xroot = create_root(xdoc, "Elements")

for elem in e_arr
    add_child(xroot, elem) 



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I see, I suppose my approach was wrong. I have followed the example and done the way you propose.

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