XSLT.jl: transform XML documents using XSLT stylesheets

This weekend I developed XSLT.jl, a package to transform XML documents to any other document type using XSLT stylesheets. This is a Julia wrapper for the libxslt library, which was already somewhat present in JuliaBinaryWrappers / XSLT_jll.jl.

I took inspiration from ropensci / xslt for the tests and the function name.

The package is not registered, because I’m not sure that it should yet. Because maybe it should be under JuliaIO · GitHub ? Or maybe integrated to GitHub - JuliaIO/EzXML.jl: XML/HTML handling tools for primates or GitHub - JuliaIO/LightXML.jl: A light-weight Julia package for XML based on libxml2. ? The benefit of being a separate package is that it is compatible with both.

If I have no recommendations until next week, I will register the package as is.

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I recommend registering it since this js of general utility. It can always be moved later.

If you would like to move it now though, we can also work on that.

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Nice, this might come in really handy for a recent project of mine. I was actually looking for a package that does this not long ago, so thanks!

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As you want. I don’t know what’s usually done in that regard.

Glad to help ! Please tell me if there’s any issue.

I tried to be careful about memory management, but I didn’t know how to wrap a library before Saturday so maybe there’s still some bugs. Also it doesn’t run on Windows yet, because some functions are somewhat not available in the libxslt build for windows… See the issue here CI does not work on windows · Issue #1 · VEZY/XSLT.jl · GitHub
I’ll try to find access to a windows machine soon.

Fixed the issue on windows, the package is now ready for registration :slight_smile:
I’ll register from where it is, and move it in the future if there’s a need for that.