Using LightXML I error out when using "free(xdoc)" in Atom, but not in terminal?


I am trying to play around with making xml files. I have made this simple XML:

using LightXML

# create an empty XML document
xdoc = XMLDocument()

# create & attach a root node
xroot = create_root(xdoc, "case")

# create the first child
casedef   = new_child(xroot, "casedef")
execution = new_child(xroot, "execution")

constantsdef = new_child(casedef, "constantsdef")

mkconfig    = new_child(casedef, "mkconfig")
set_attributes(mkconfig, Dict("boundcount"=>"241", "fluidcount"=>"2"))

geometry     = new_child(casedef, "geometry")
motion       = new_child(casedef, "motion")

# save to an XML file
save_file(xdoc, "f1.xml")

# output to a string
s = string(xdoc)

# print to the console (in a pretty format as in an XML file)

This is what it returns in the terminal in Atom

Ptr{Nothing} @0x0000000000000000
Please submit a bug report with steps to reproduce this fault, and any error messages that follow (in their entirety). Thanks.
Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0x3db688c6 -- xmlAttrDumpOutput at /workspace/srcdir/libxml2-2.9.10\xmlsave.c:769

But when I do the same in the terminal:
It works perfectly fine.

Would anyone have an idea of why?

Kind regards