Juno/Atom Github error

I am getting the following error trying to clone an existing Github repository:

“clone is not available in Present state”

I can clone/open it to Visual Studio code and web and desktop Github interface. In fact in the Github desktop app it shows VSC as an External editor but not Juno/Atom. Don’t know if that matters.

Can’t find anything about this on the web. Can’t find any place in the application to set any Github parameters. Any ideas?

Windows Server 2019, JuliaPro 1.3.1-1

I have the same issue, but on Julia v1.4.

Did you ever figure it out?

Not an issue with Julia or Juno per se. Look at https://github.community/t/git-clone-is-not-working-for-a-private-repo/501. Does that solve your issue?


i just change the directory on my computer and it solved