Controlling tab width in Juno Console


How do I change the tab stops that are used by Juno Console (REPL based), when a string with tab characters is printed out ? Right now they seem to be set at 4, so when I run my example below the columns are not aligned. I want to change this to 8, as in my Terminal. Changing settings of package “language-julia” in Atom settings (Julia Console Grammar → Tab Length) does not seem to make any difference.


println(join(string.(1:5), "\t"))
println(join(string.(10.0:10.0:50.0), "\t"))


1   2   3   4   5
10.0    20.0    30.0    40.0    50.0

There’s no option for changing the Terminal tab width at the moment. I can add one for the next release, but you shouldn’t really rely on a specific tab width for anything tbh.

Never mind, rpad(...) and lpad(...) are really a better way to achieve this.