Increase wordwrap column in VSCode for Julia only

In my IJulia cells in VSCode, lines are always wrapped at column 80, which is the system default, and which works for some other editing I do (such as LaTeX). But for Julia, 80 columns is too narrow; I’d much prefer to have longer lines.

How do I change the word-wrap column for Julia code cells running in a Jupyter notebook in VSCode?

I will admit to being not very adept at VSCode, but I’m using it since on Windows it’s preferable to Emacs. Also, I’m running Julia from within Windows Subsystem for Linux. (For some reason, one of my institution’s security policies doesn’t play well with Julia and keeps deleting or quarantining the executable. We’re still trying to find out why.)

But increasing the VScode column for word-wrap would be a good start. Many thanks!