Computational Biology/Bioinformatics PhD/Post-doc in University of Exeter, UK

PhD or Post-doc available in my group ( at the University of Exeter, UK. Computational biology or bioinformatics job, open to those with and without a background in biological data.

We study how certain molecules known as transcription factors bind to DNA, and how this is impacted in diseases like diabetes. The job involves analysing and modelling novel DNA binding data generated with Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing.
Including building Bayesian models using Turing.jl and/or using convolutional neural networks. The focus depends on the interests and expertise of the candidate.

The position is very flexible, available at PhD, junior post-doc ,or senior post-doc level. It could be undertaken by someone with no background in biology, with a numerate background and ideally Julia experience.

Job is here:

More information on me and my group:

Please do reach for a chat if you’re interested.