Various positions at XGenomes

Dear Julia Community,

XGenomes is small, venture-backed startup developing a faster, more accurate, and cheaper single-molecule DNA sequencing technology. As such, we’re developing new algorithms, designing new experiments, and analyzing large quantities of data.

We aim to hire for several positions at various levels over the next few months, so if you have experience and interest in any of the following areas, send an email with a resume or CV to

  • Numerical/scientific computing/optimization
  • Statistical modeling and inference
  • Inverse problems
  • Image processing and machine learning
  • Single-molecule biophysics
  • Computational biology

We’re also interested in experienced software engineers or data scientists who may not have worked in the above areas.

A little bit about XGenomes:

  • Our codebase is written entirely in Julia
  • We’re very small (<10 employees); any new hires will have substantial impact
  • We have a very informal working culture, applicants should be self-motivated
  • Our team is distributed, but most computer scientists are based in the San Francisco Bay Area

If you have any questions please contact me at

Nick Boyd


Hi Nick, (@nboyd)

I shot you an email, in case you and your team are still looking for candidates.