Citing Papers in Pluto


I recently saw the presentation on Pluto and really like the concept. I am actually so convinced of it that I was thinking about writing some lecture notes in it, so that students can directly experiment around. I do like to include further readings and appropriate citations in these notes though and could so far not find any way of doing this in Pluto.

Is there any way to add citation in Pluto? This would preferably work with Biblatex


Not sure if this fits your bill, but I just added support for DOIs to ShortCodes.jl this morning, where the reference is looked up at automatically.

using ShortCodes

It should look something like this in Pluto:


Hotdamn! That package is cool.

Did you invent this or did you take inspiration from smth else?

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Thanks, glad to hear that someone finds it cool or useful :slight_smile:

It was originally inspired by the Hugo shortcodes, especially for youtube and twitter, and I kept adding stuff that I could use for git-friendly presentations or notebooks with some extra spice in Pluto.


Or there further methods like with bibtex. If I have a publication, how to get to the DOI code…