Pluto: how to number equations in LaTeX mode

Maybe I am missing some similar post already raised before. I have done my best, looking for such a topic, but I haven’t found one. How can I number an equation (written in LaTeX mode) in Pluto? The quality of the LaTeX output is fantastic, but if we use Pluto for teaching, the numbering of equations becomes a vital issue. I can skip the crossref thing (at least, I still can do it manually), but the numbering of equations is essential.


There is an open issue regarding this. Maybe there you can find a workaround.

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@fenanor There is another issue (488) where @zmoon shows very clearly what should be done. It does not look that complicated to introduce this functionality into Pluto.

Good to know. Maybe this configuration can be injected into the page using a script tag in one on the pluto cells.

I think this is similar to what the TableOfContents() object from PlutoUI does.

May something like this works, but my js is knowledge is a bit outdated.

MathJax.config.tex.tags = "ams"

I have tried your suggestions but get the error: UndefVarError: MathJax not defined.

Anyway, thanks for your help.