Chicago based persons interested in julia

Hi there
I’m retired and living in Chicago. I have been waiting for Julia to develop to the point it now is at ( Geniebuilder, Pluto, DataframeMeta) and would like to meet people who are interested in julia development.

I know that there is a Chicago julia meetup group but they don’t seem to be very active, not a criticism just an observation of the schedule they post.

My goal is to set up a meeting at a coffee shop ( coffee my treat) and find out what people are getting up to and what they are interested in. I am NOT a recruiter, this is an attempt to replicate a process that I know to work from my silicon valley days. Curiosity is creative and fun.


Watching… I’ve moved away, but I am likely to be back in the area from time to time.

excellent DM me when you are in town. Happy to chat. In my experience it’s how fun things start. The number of times chance discussions in coffee shops or Fry’s ( in the valley) led to new adventures.


I’m interested.

excellent, I’ll get something organized for the week of 8/15/22 which should give time for others to sign up. This should be fun.

I will organize Julia workshop in Chicago next year at Loyola University Chicago. I will post on discourse when more details about time and venue will be available.


Sign me up, I’m close to Loyola. This is GREAT news and I’m getting really excited for your new book.

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Sure! Regarding the book today Manning informed me that it is planned to be made available in print on Oct 19, 2022.

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thanks, should be a blast. Excited by all the new things coming up in julia this book is the icing on the cake. I have already put in my order for your book with AMZN.

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Currently living in Chicago so happy to meetup if we get a group of folks together.

very welcome.