Change font of Julia Workspace in VS Code

I changed the font of the VS Code editor to JuliaMono, now I want to change the font of the Julia Workspace. I use a lot of unicode characters and they glyphs in the workspace look different than the ones in the editor. How can I change that font?

Not completely sure of your issue, but here’s a try.

Under VS Code Settings, there are two ‘tabs,’ one for User and the other for Workspace. If you search for font under both tabs, the setting appears under ‘Text Editor.’ When the font is changed in Workspace, the appearance of the file listings in the Workspace / Explorer changes.



That doesn’t seem to do it for me. I changed both to JuliaMono and still see a different font in the Julia Workspace.

This is what I am talking about. Notice the is different. In the terminal and the editor it is JuliaMono, but in the Julia Workspace and the tab title is some other font.

There is a SO thread about how to change the UI font in VS code.

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In case anyone is interested, I’ll copy the details over here:

  1. Install the Customize UI plugin and restart VS Code.
  2. In VS Code Settings, set Customize UI Font:Monospace and/or Customize UI Font:Regular to your liking.
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