Blurry fonts in Terminal in VSCode

Somehow the font in the integrated terminal in VSCode is blurry or vague-looking in some spots.

When I looked for a solution, it seemed that it is not as bad as depicted in a post on Reddit, but nevertheless it occurs, not at the beginning of the prompt, but every now and then here and there, while still readable, but annoyingly noticeable.

How can it be solved?

how is this caused by Julia?

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This probably is related to your graphics driver or something like that. Try updating that or try the DOM fallback renderer:


If that doesn’t help then maybe open an issue on the VSCode repo.


I never implied Julia caused it.

I think the OP was thinking that it might be possible that the Julia extension to VSCode ships fonts that are of poor quality. I don’t think that’s actually the case, but you never know.

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renderer type changed, searching in .json settings I found it:

"terminal.integrated.gpuAcceleration": "off"

and works! tks for suggestion!