Building docs with Documenter.jl

I’ve been trying to get docs to build here, but for some reason only dev gets built after a new release gets tagged and registered ( even stable doesn’t get built). I thought adding the versions argument to the deploydocs function here would fix, but it doesn’t look like it helped. This is the CI workflow that is supposed to build the docs. What am I missing here? I’d appreciate it if someone could help me get the docs to build properly.


I follow these steps: Publish Docs · JuliaNotes.jl


It looks like your TagBot is not picking up the ssh token (DOCUMENTER_KEY). Compare your TagBot run vs Documenter’s own TagBot run. I don’t know why it didn’t pick it up, but the ssh token is necessary to trigger CI runs on tags, which then would deploy the stable/ docs.

The same issue is happening when I try to publish docs for EntropyHub.jl:thinking:

I hadn’t updated the docs in a couple years and now that I do, all sorts of errors are cropping up :smiling_face_with_tear:

When it comes to CI and github actions, my knowledge base is very limited :monkey:, but I’ve noticed a couple of things that might be causing the same dev foder / TagBot issue (??? :man_shrugging:)

  1. Inside the dev folder, there is a file called siteinfo.js created around the last time I updated the docs. Inside it has a single line which reads:
    Could removing this stop the files building in dev?

  2. When I go to the Travi-CI page for this repo, it says:

Builds have been temporarily disabled for public repositories due to a negative credit balance. Please go to the Plan page to replenish your credit balance or alter your Consume paid credits for OSS setting.

  • I was using the free plan and used up all the build credits trying to get the docs to build correctly years ago. Could it be that without credits, this dev folder issue is related to a negaitve Travis-CI credit balance??

If any of the more expert Julians here can offer their opinion, it would be greatly appreciated! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Yeah, Travis is dead (as the go-to CI solution for open source that it was 5 or so years ago). You’re going to have to switch to GitHub Actions.

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Coolio, thanks @goerz :+1:

By switching to GitHub actions, would that in any way prevent JuliaHub from linking to the docs website associated with the package?

No, those things are completely unrelated.

JuliaHub will always link to their own built of your documentation, or you can opt out and have it link to your built of the documentation instead by submitting a pull request to GitHub - JuliaDocs/DocumentationGeneratorRegistry

See Documentation rendered fine in GitHub but not on juliahub - #2 by mbauman


Thanksa mil for your help :pray:

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