Latest stable documentation not being deployed

I’m trying to get the stable documentation for ApproxFun.jl to build.

The tagbot script contains

          ssh: ${{ secrets.DOCUMENTER_KEY }}

and the documentation job script contains

      - 'master'
      - 'backport**'
    tags: '*'

but, for some reason, the documenter job didn’t run on the recently tagged versions. In the past, the SSH secret hadn’t been included, so the documentation wasn’t being built on tags. I added this in v0.13.8, and was able to get the documentation to build and deploy correctly by pushing a tag manually. This is available now as the documentation for v0.13.8. However, after that, the documenter job didn’t get triggered when versions v0.13.9 and 0.13.10 were tagged by the tagbot. I just tried pushing an additional tag v0.13.10-doc1 manually, but even that didn’t trigger the documenter job. I wonder why the job isn’t being triggered on tags?

The secret seems ok, as the documentation for v0.13.8 did build correctly.

@fredrikekre sorry to tag you, but I wonder if you might have some insights into what’s happening here?

Not sure really. Does the key have correct permissions? Note that regular CI didn’t run either on the pushed tag.