Missing code/fences button in Discourse editor

What happened with the “code button” in the Discourse editor? The one which inserts single or triple backticks. Suddenly, yesterday, it was gone, and my formatting menu just looks like this:

There used to be a button, now I cannot even remember what it looked like, maybe </>? It is not hiding under the cogwheel button either.

It’s not a big problem on the PC, but writing on my phone, I miss it.

Is it just me?

Are you sure:


For me it’s still there:

Huh. I swear it wasn’t there this morning…

But then the next question: Do you know if I can move it back onto the top menu? It’s without doubt the most important button on the menu (by far), and the extra taps needed on the phone is annoying.

May well be just a bad setting on my browser, but it would be good to know how to fix.

I never did anything for this nor can I find any settings or preferences for this. Strange. It should not change with the browser, checked with Chrome and its the same.

For me, it’s the same in Firefox too, so it’s my account, then. But there’s no setting for this, so :person_shrugging:

Pinging @logankilpatrick ,perhaps he can check with discourse people…

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Anyone can check with the discourse people. We don’t do any modifications here, we’re just on a standard hosted instance.

A quick search there doesn’t bring up any chatter about the editor formatting buttons, but it’s definitely strange that it appears differently for different folks here.