Keyboard shortcuts for discourse site do nothing

How does one use the keyboard shortcuts listed in the “Keyboard Shortcuts” menu under the 3-line-menu located in the top left of the Julia Discourse display between the Search (magnifying glass) and the User widgets?

The menu has a long list of keyboard shortcuts but I can’t find the directions to “activate” them. Is there another key that needs to be pressed first or pressed and held?

Good question. They work for me without any modifiers or mode-switches (as long as the page itself has the focus). What OS and browser are you using?

Firefox 74.0 (64-bit) on windows 7.

Works for me in a newly-installed Firefox 74 on Windows 10. I’d be surprised if this was a Windows version thing… do you have any content blockers installed? Or perhaps do you have the search-for-text-as-you-start-typing option enabled (as suggested at the discourse support board):