Blue screen when new packages are installed

I can’t install new packages on my work computer (it works fine on my private computer). It is a Windows computer.
When running Pkg.add(“Plots”) the computer crashes (blue screen). When reopening the computer the file julia.exe has been deleted.

Permissions issue? Is there a ~/.julia/packages and do you have permission to edit it?

Does your work have some antivirus software installed that’s falsely detecting julia? If so, it’s best to talk to your IT department about this and check with them what kinds of permissions executables need on your machine to work properly.

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Yes and yes

That’s probably the problem

I guess we know the problem here. Worth asking though - how did you install Julia?
There is the new Juliaup in the Windows Store
And also Julia can be installed using the chocolatey package manager

Thak you all!

I downloaded julia-1.6.2-win64.exe from htttps://

@PeterSteph Would you try going to the Windows Store and searching for Julia? Install Julia from there and try it out.
I suspect the result will be the same.

Windows Store is blocked on my work computer