Being able to click through plots in the Plot Pane fills up RAM

Hey everyone,

I have encountered recently that the plotting pane can take up a lot of RAM, when I generate many Plots (nothing too crazy, maybe 50, but then Julia + Atom need 3 GB of RAM). It gets to the point where Atom and Julia are significantly slowed down and I needed to restart both applications, until I realized that pressing on “forgot all plots” clears the cache.

It seems to me, that this is a recent problem, because I do not remember having this problem before. I use Julia 1.2 with Atom 1.41 and most recent stable packages for everything. I plot via Plots.jl and pyplot()

does it help, if you reduce the number the Maximum number of plots in history which can be found in Atom settings -> Packages -> julia-client -> UI options?
The default is indeed 50.