Atom 1.17 broke Juno?

My Atom just updated to 1.17 and something seems to have broken. I can’t even type anything in the console. If I start Julia from Atom, it seems to do something for a little while, but then, nothing. Anyone else having problems? I’m using Julia 0.6 RC2 and a checked out Atom.jl rather than a released package (needed for the debugger to work). Juno was working for me with Atom 1.16.

Hm, I suspect this is because of Atom.jl rather than the new Atom version. Try either Pkg.freeing Atom.jl (the debugger should work with the released version, I think) or at least checkout Juno.jl as well.
And while you’re at it: What versions of julia-client and ink do you have?

Hmm, on another system right now, and with Atom 1.17 and the the same setup for Juno, the Julia console’s working fine. Maybe there was an update to Atom.jl in the meantime. I’ll have to take a look when I return to the other system to confirm that it works as well.