Author meet & greet at JuliaCon 2023

Since we are back as a physical conference this year for JuliaCon, I thought it would be nice if we can leverage that for some additional in-person interaction – beyond our regular schedule – and celebrate the huge range of books that have been written on Julia.

So we were planning to have a booth/table in the conference area to showcase Julia books and their authors. We’d want to have these books available for display, and also set up time for each author to be present to maybe sell and sign their books. So I was wondering what folks think of this idea.

If you are an author of a Julia related book, and are interested in participating, please would you fill the form at . And if you know of an author who is not in this forum, would you please send this their way.




Sounds like a great idea! While we have a textbook related with Julia, unfortunately neither me or my co-author will be present in this JuliaCon! I wish the booth will be a huge success!