Guidelines for JuliaCon poster presenters

Hello everyone!

For those of you (poster presenters) that haven’t designed your posters for JuliaCon yet, the following is meant to be helpful. If you already have a poster and the info below isn’t needed, great! We look forward to seeing you at JuliaCon. :slight_smile:

The poster sessions at JuliaCon are relatively informal. They provide a venue for people to socialize and learn more about work going on in the Julia community. As a poster presenter, your job is to create a poster that describes your work and then explain your work and address questions for anyone who stops by.

Since you’ll be present as a resource to onlookers, your poster doesn’t need to have a complete written description of everything you’d like to convey. Your audience will appreciate a poster with pictures and plots that can assist you in explaining ideas, rather than just a wall of text.

I’ve created templates for both A0 and A1 posters to serve as a starting place. I’m not able to attach keynote or power point files on discourse, so ping me if you’d like me a template and haven’t already gotten one over email.

Finally, the JuliaCon organizing committee has access to an A1 printer and will be able to print posters of this size free of charge for poster presenters. If you would like us to print your poster for you, please upload it here before 6PM BST on August 5.